Sunday, April 04, 2004


The virus writers battle continues between the NetSky guy and Bagle dude. These guys (not many female virus writers - the only prominent one got arrested a few months back) have been dissing each other in code notes.

Now they're turning their viruses upon each other, with each attmpting to remove any other virus present on their newly infected hosts.

The NetSky guy seems to be winning. The actions carried out by Netsky.R and Netsky.Q include the following:

They delete the Registry entries belonging to several worms, such as Mydoom.A, Mydoom.B, Mimail.T and all variants of Bagle.

With all these viruses flying around, I'd highly recommend getting some Computer Security in place.

I'd also recommend Zone Alarm Pro because it blocks any email attachment from auto executing and exploiting the well known Windows flaws that everyone's too busy to patch.

Use this link for the free trial Zone Alarm Pro that also offers a $20 savings if you buy the firewall.

A little precaution saves major headaches later.

Stay safe...

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