Wednesday, May 26, 2004

PC Security Tips - Email Mini-Course - Day 4


Day 3

Blocking Spam from Your Inbox

Everybody hates spam and nobody wants to see it in
their inbox. However, a vast majority of people just let
the spam deluge flood their inbox anyway!

Don't do that. Spam is the prime transfer agent for
viruses, trojans, and back door scripts.

If your email program isn't configured to the highest
security settings, these programs will automatically run
as soon as you view them. That's right - with the newer
scripts you don't even have to open the attachment!

So what can you do to protect yourself? Easy, just
follow some simple common sense rules and put a spam
filter in place.

I'll give you the rules for avoiding becoming a spam
magnet and then a couple of choices on how to get rid of
this junk.

Spam Prevention Tips:

* Don't post your email address online
* Don't open spam, ever
* Don't buy anything from spam messages
* Don't use spam "remove me" links
* Do use an anti-spam filter or spam blocker

Top Notch Low Cost Spam Filter

Spam Bully is a miracle worker and it costs way less
than the so-called name brand offerings from Norton and

Needless to say, it does a better job at blocking
spam than the competition. Don't take my word for it.

They've gotten rave reviews from Wired magazine, USA
Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

Key Features:

* Blocks 99.3% of spam messages
* Sophisticated Bayesian self-learning spam filter.
* Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express.
* Bounce messages from known spammers.
* Query emails can be sent to unfamiliar emailers.
* Friends/Spammers list protection.
* Attachment blocking. *Outlook only.

Check out their sample trial here:

Budget Conscious Spam Blocker

Spam Pal - no cost spam filter. Works on their site.
Labels obvious spam for auto-delete within your email

You'll need to setup a rule in your email client to
direct what gets tagged into your wastebasket.

It's better than nothing, but be warned that SpamPal
only catches about 90% of the bad stuff and it doesn't
filter the attachments.

SpamPal also has a 3% false positive rate. That means
that you'll need to search your wastebasket before you
empty it.

Make sure that you've followed our instructions in
Step 2 of this e-course or you'll still be exposed
to active scripting attacks from email attachments.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow with more good stuff.

Greg Reynolds

Tomorrow's Topic:

Antivirus Software Prevents Disaster

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