Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Panda Software reports about the new worm Bagle.AH

Virus Alerts, by Panda Software (

Madrid, July, 20th, 2004 - PandaLabs has detected the new worm Bagle.AH(W32/Bagle.AH.worm).

This malicious code is designed to spread quickly through e-mail and P2P networks. Here is the information collected by PandaLabs, this new worm is currently causing several incidences for computer users.Bagle.AH spreads by email and sends a message (using its own SMTP engine)with a fake e-mail address.

The message body may contain one of thefollowing words: "Predators", "Lovely animals", "fotoinfo", "The snake" or"Animals".In addition, the message includes an attached file containing the worm code.

The name of the file may be one of the foillowing: Serials.txt.exe Porno Screensaver.scr Microsoft Office 2003 Crack, Working!.exe

In certain instances, this attached file may come compressed via a password protected ZIP file. In case the file with Bagle.AH is executed, the worm searches for e-mail addresses in which to send. Those addreses are gathered via many sources with different file extensions, like ADB, ASP & CFG, among others.

Once this is done, the worm then sends itself to all of the compiled addresses. Apart from e-mail, Bagle.AH also uses P2P file sharing networks to spread.

It makes copies of itself in KaZaA, Limewire & on Morpheus shared folders. Copies are hidden inside files with names suggestive to other users, so that they download them and execute the files.

In addition, Bagle.AH stops different antivirus and security programs inexecution, leaving a computer unprotected against additional an unrelated attacks. Since Panda Software's technical support international network has received several incidences caused by this worm, Panda Software reccomends updating your antivirus solutions as soon as possible.

Panda Software has also provided all of its customers updates to its solutions to detect and disinfect Bagle.AH, so, if you do not have yoursoftware set up for automatic updates, the antivirus can be updated in

All computer users can check and repair their computers against all computervirus threats for free with Panda's free on-line tool Panda ActiveScan, available at the company web site at

For more information about in Bagle.AH in Panda Software's Virusencyclopedia, available at:

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