Saturday, January 29, 2005

A New IE Hole Allows For The Perfect Phishing Scam

One of the most popular criminal activities on the Internet is Phishing. There are a lot of different forms of Phishing, but in general Phishing refers to the art of tricking someone into providing personal information by posing as a legitimate business.

Typically, when someone wants to conduct a Phishing scam, they will begin by sending out a SPAM message. This is no ordinary SPAM though. It is designed to appear to be from a legitimate business.

There are a million variations to bait messages, but often the person sending the message will pose as the recipient’s bank. The text contained within the message is designed to scare the recipient into taking action.

For example, one of the bait messages that was going around a few months ago said something to the effect that the bank had a computer glitch and they need all Internet banking customers to log in and verify that the correct amount of money is in their account. Read more...

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