Tuesday, May 03, 2005

- New worm Sober.V give tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany
for free to cheat users with social engineering techniques -
Virus Alerts, by Panda Software (http://www.pandasoftware.com)

MADRID, May 3, 2005- The new variant V of the worm Sober (Sober.V) has begun spreading and infecting several computers from US, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is supposedly sent by the soccer organization FIFA and give users tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany for free. This new worm distributes itself by its own SMTP engine in English or in German, choosing the language depending on the domain and the country in which it will be distributed. Sober.V sends itself out to all the addresses it has gathered from the infected computer.

This new worm, which is using the social engineering to cheat users, comes from a random address choose between one of the followings: Admin, Hostmaster, Info, Postmaster, Register, Service o Webmaster. Furthermore, Sober.V avoids sending messages to addresses containing some strings in its domain. The subject can be one of the followings:

Glueckwunsch: Ihr WM Ticket mailing error
Ich bin's, was zum lachen ;) Re:
Ihr Passwort Registration Confirmation
WM Ticket Verlosung Your email was blocked
WM-Ticket-Auslosung Your Password

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