Friday, February 24, 2006

Adware Is More Than Just Annoying

Common adware features:
  • Drive-by downloads without your permission.
  • Corrupts the integrity of your computer.
  • Redirection of Web links without asking.
  • Use of HTTP protocol to spy on you.
  • Use of cookies to store and pass on your personal data.
  • Capture of authentication data from your PC.

Ads are often tailored based on your surfing habits or closely matched to the website you are visiting at the time.

If you think about ad ware in the context of TV viewing, it's as if the TV was observing your lifestyle and displaying ads based on what it observed about you as you watched TV.

For example, your TV ad might be for a competing beverage or snack aimed at convincing you to switch brands.

Adware smacks of invasion of personal privacy and sometimes borders on theft of personal information. You are much better off without all of your online activities being reported back to various companies, most of whom you've never done business with in the first place.

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