Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Network Security: Spyware & Patch Management

Windows IT Pro Whitepapers: "Spyware and Patch Management: An Integrated Approach to Network Security

Exploiting security vulnerabilities in order to install spyware is the norm, not the exception. Yet nearly all spyware solutions treat the symptom without addressing the cause.

By viewing these issues together, spyware and patch management, IT professionals stand a better chance of maximizing network security against Spyware and other threats. This white paper addresses the need to manage threats and vulnerabilities in one console as a comprehensive security solution.

The impact of spyware on the enterprise is severe: surging bandwidth consumption, system instability, overwhelmed help desks, and lost user productivity are just a few of the unwelcome side effects. Unauthorized applications can even result in non-compliance with regulatory requirements. Even worse, much of today's spyware install keyloggers and backdoors that compromise security and lead to financial risk.

Today's solutions are largely desktop-based and nearly all treat the symptom without addressing the cause. Many of these malware irritants take advantage of unpatched flaws in the OS or browser to install their tools.

Removing the spyware, and malware is the first step to securing the system, but enterprise anti-spyware tactics are only successful when combined with system updates that prevent re-infestation. Remediate spyware and install patches with Shavlik NetChk Protect for a complete security solution. "

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