Monday, April 17, 2006

Zone Alarm by Zone Labs

Zone Alarm Overview

Zone Alarm by Zone Labs is the top-rated personal firewall. Zone Alarm has consistently won every top award from PC Magazine, CNET, PC World, Wired Magazine and others since 2000.

Zone Alarm Pro is their top of the line firewall offering.

Zone Alarm Pro provides complete PC security to novice and experienced users alike.Zone Labs offers a free version of ZoneAlarm as well as the Pro version.

There is also a Zone Alarm Security Suite that includes anti-virus protection and addditional system security features and capabilities.

You can also purchase other security products from Zone Labs such as Pest Patrol or Cloudmark's SpamNet offerings. Special Zone Alarm Pro bundles include substantial discounts or rebates on the additional products and on Zone Alarm Pro itself.

At various times, Zone Labs offers special promotional discounts on Zone Alarm Pro.

The standard price of $49.95 may be reduced by $10, $20 or even as much as $30.

The best way to search for these special rebates on Zone Alarm Pro is to check a non-menu page at Zone Labs that lists all the current special promos.

Click here to browse all the Zone Alarm specials.

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