Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hey there,

Another day, another 20 Microsoft security patches released.

Sheesh! Talk about Swiss cheese. I feel sorry for all the people that don'tkeep their OS and browser patched, though. They're just asking for trouble.

Here's the link to the details on the latest updates:

CNet Windows security article

Microsoft released on Tuesday fixes that cover at least 20 Windows flaws, several of which could make versions of the operating system vulnerable to new worms or viruses.

At least six of the flaws could make the OS susceptible to programs similar to the MSBlast worm and its variants, which have infected more than 8 million computers since last August.

Another flaw affects a common file used by Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express and opens the way for the type of virus that executes when PC users click a specially crafted Web link.

The software giant released four patches to cover the 20 security issues, as part of its monthly update schedule. Microsoft wouldn't comment on the level of risk the flaws present, instead maintaining that companies that apply the fixes won't be in danger.

"If you are running a personal firewall, you are at reduced risk from a lot of these vulnerabilities," said Stephen Toulouse, security program manager for the Microsoft Security Response Center. "But we are absolutely taking this seriously."


Here's another link to a site that keeps track of all the known vulnerabilities (roughly 4,800 as of this writing) in Windows and common apps. Can you say buffer overflow? - An "open source" listing of known security flaws. It's open source because it's a collaborative effort, not a Linux one.

Stay safe...

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