Monday, June 14, 2004

PC Secrets Mini-Course Day 6: Personal Firewalls


The 7 PC Security Secrets Hackers DON'T Want
You To Know But I'm Going To Tell You Anyway.

A 7 Day Mini Course

Greg Reynolds

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Day 6

Personal Firewalls Keep Evil At Bay

Firewalls are an essential protective measure. Every
corporation has them in place and for good reason.

Hackers can probe your ports and easily access those
that aren't locked down. And it's not hard to find systems
to probe.

Remember those hacking tools I told you about that are
offered for sale cheap on eBay? Well they're also offered
in stronger versions on underground sites frequented by
low lifes and criminals.

A good scanner can search 10,000 systems in one night.
That's right. One kid can search 10,000 systems automatically
in a single night.

Think you've got your PC locked up tight? Head on over
to Steve Gibson's website and test your system with his
famous Shields UP tool.

You'll find that most of your 65,000 ports are wide open
to anyone scanning your IP address. And don't think that
hiding behnd a DSL router or a cable modem is any great
protection either.

Once a hacker gets a confirmed ping from an open port,
they simply use another automated tool to execute a buffer
overflow on your system to gain control.

Buffer overflows are the Achilles heel of all Windows
PCs. By simply feeding your system more data than a particular
procedure call can handle, an attacker gains "root" access.

Hackers take great pride in their "Got Root?" conquests
because root access means full system admin privileges. They
can take any data they want and send it anywhere they want.

The good ones know how to erase their tracks afterward
so you never know they've even been there.

How do you protect yourself?

Your Personal Firewall Solution

The only firewall software that passes Steve Gibson's
rigorous testing with flying colors is also the top-selling
firewall program.

That's Zone Alarm Pro from Zone Labs.

You can read our review here:

Or you can jump on over to Zone Alarm HQ:

That's all for today. See you tomorrow with more good stuff.

Greg Reynolds

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