Tuesday, June 15, 2004

PC Security Secrets Mini-Course Day 7 - Secure Clean


The 7 PC Security Secrets Hackers DON'T Want
You To Know But I'm Going To Tell You Anyway.

A 7 Day Mini Course

Greg Reynolds


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Day 7

How to Securely Clean Your PC

Remember back on Day One of this course when I told
you that a large amount of your personal data gets stored
in unerasable files on your PC?

That's right. Ordinary file deletion doesn't actually
remove files permanently.

In addition, all your online activity since day one is
stored in your index.dat file.

Every website you've ever visited is there. Every image
file you've ever downloaded is still on your computer even if
you've "deleted" it.

Any information you've ever entered in an online form is
still stored on your computer. All of this data is just
sitting there on your hard drive waiting for someone to
access it.

You can delete temporary files in your browser, you can
clear history, you can think you've deleted information, but
it's all still there.

When you think about it, this is a big problem for
companies when they dispose of their old PCs. Hackers love
hitting the disposal auctions and scarfing up tons of
valuable data left behind.

It's all easily accessible with simple tools. It's also
easily accessible to anyone who hacks into the system
remotely or even just accesses your keyboard.

The only way to securely clean your PC is to run special
utility software periodically that wipes all traces of things
you don't want left behind.

Secure PC Cleaning Solution

There are two programs I recommend for anyone who wants
to really protect all the information they've accessed or
entered on their computer.

The first is History Kill:


The second is CyberScrub:


Of the two, CyberScrub is the stronger product. It's
Department of Defense certified for use on military equipment
while its deployed and mandatory for use when those computers
are retired from service.

Both offer no-charge looks at how they perform. They're
both highly recommended to close the final hole in your PC

I hope you've enjoyed this mini-course. If you have, please
recommend us to your friends and associates.

Take care and stay safe.

Greg Reynolds

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